MOTHERWORT: “Stimulant”

Heart Disease, Promotes Longevity, Stimulator

Also Known As: Heartwort and Lion’s Tail


The name motherwort was used by the Romans and ancient Greeks for emotional and physical problems of the heart, namely depression and irregular palpitations. As centuries passed, motherwort was used in contradictory ways-to stimulate the uterus during pregnancy and for relief of any pains after childbirth.


For a tranquilizer, uterine stimulator or to lower blood pressure, try an infusion.

  • Infusion:

Add 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of dried herb per cup of hot boiling water. Steep infusion for 10 minutes. Drink no more than 2 cups a day, a tablespoon at a time. Add sugar, honey and lemon to rid the bitter taste.

  • Tincture:

Take one half to one teaspoon twice daily.

USE: (Grow Your Own)

Motherwort grows very easily. Plant the seeds in the spring spacing then 12 inches apart. Use moist, rich and well drained soil under full sun. Harvest the entire plant after the blossoming of the flowers.


If you suffer with clotting disorders, do not use. Some people develop a rash from coming in contact with this plant. Use motherwort in medicinal amounts. The Food and Drug Administration has listed motherworth as an herb of undefined safety.