GARLIC: “Heal-All”

AIDS, Antibiotic, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lead Poisoning, Leprosy, Stroke

Also Known As: Heal-All or Poor Man’s Treacie 


Found in the tomb of King Tut, garlic is the world’s 2nd oldest medicine after ephedra and remains the most powerful healer. Greek athletes ate garlic before a race and Greek soldiers munched on the herbs before a battle. Greek midwives hung garlic cloves in birthing rooms to safeguard their newborns.


 Researchers have found out that 1 medium size garlic clove has an antibacterial punch of about 100,000 units of penicillin. To help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and internal blood clots, take 3 to 10 cloves of fresh garlic a day. Adding garlic to your meats, vegetables, soups and other dishes adds a zing of flavor to any meal.

  • Tincture:

Soak 1 cup of crushed clover per quart of brandy. Shake solution daily for 2 weeks, then take up to 3 tablespoons daily.

USE: (Grow Your Own)

Garlic grows easily from seeds or cloves. It is easier to start with the cloves. Garlic is tolerant of the cold, so it can be planted up to 6 weeks before the final date of frost. Plant them 6 inches apart and 2 inches deep. Rich, deep cultivated and well drained soil is best to use. Do not over water. Partial shade is tolerated. Harvest the bulbs in late summer.


Garlic has anti-clotting factors. This helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Medicinal amounts may cause problems for those with clotting disorders. Garlic may cause stomach upset and produce colic in the infants of nursing mothers.