Also Known As: Candleberry and Tallow Shrub 


Early American colonists found the bayberry tree growing tho-out the East. 


For a decoction, boil 1 cup of water using 1 teaspoon of powdered root bark for 10 to 15 minutes. Add milk and drink it cool. No more than 2 cups per day. You may fair better with a tincture. Taste will be bitter.

In a tincture, take one half teaspoon up to twice daily.

USE: (Grow Your Own)

The bayberry has a grayish bark with toothed leaves dotted with resin glands. The leaves when crushed, produce a nice fragrance. Plant seeds in the spring or early in the fall. Small amounts of peaty soil under full sun is great for planting the bayberry. They grow best near swampy areas. Other than pruning, pants require little care. Harvest the root bark after a few years.