APPLE : “One-a-Day Protection”

Colon Cancer, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestion, Heart Disease, Lead Poisoning, Strokes, Wound Healing

Also Known As: No other name


It is true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Although few herbalist consider apples to be herbs, they are considered to heal, cure most if not all ailments and health conditions. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans loved apples and thus, developed a variety of them. Ayurvedic physicians first prescribed them to relieve diarrhea. Chinese physicians use apple bark to treat diabetes. Pilgrims bought apple seeds to America and the saying, “As American as apple pie” quickly spread around the country. Apples, apple bark, apple cider and apple sauce became mainstays of America.


Apples can be prepared in a variety of ways. Eat them as they are or make desserts such as apple pie and cobbler, crisps,dumplings, pastries, sauces and strudels. When preparing, following baking recipe directions.

All About Growth

About 300 apple varieties are grown in the United States. A full size apple tree can grow as high as 40 feet and spread over 1,600 square feet. Planting apple seeds is a breeze. If you are using planting pots, put the seeds 1″ to 2″ deep in soil. Cover the soil over them. Keep them in a sunny location. Water them daily and watch them grow.

 (Grow Your Own)

Planting apple seeds is fun and easy. You can either purchase seeds from a nursery or extract them after eating an apple to it’s core. Allow seeds to germinate by wrapping them in a cloth to dry and placing them in a bag. Freeze for 5 to 6 weeks. Plant seeds in full sun and use well drained soil. Water frequently. Plants can be potted inside and then transferred outside as they sprout.


Apple seeds contain high levels of cyanide and therefore should never be consumed.